I’m an iOS developer living in Brazil and currently working remotely for Superfly, a live streaming application. I love implementing user interface elements and improving as much as possible the experience everywhere I touch. You can also check my blog.


Back in 2011 I joined Thinkr, a startup based on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was responsible for the initial version of its augmented reality feature in the iOS app as well as several other parts of it. In 2013, I joined Abacomm and worked for a wide range of clients, all the way from Tim and Avon to Rio de Janeiro's goverment. Last year I joined Superfly where I developed pretty much all of its group chatroom (with a nice Giphy integration) as well as other fun things.


Feel free to contact me even if it's just to say hi. The best way to reach me is sending an email, but I am also available on Twitter, GitHub and Dribbble.