My name is Alberto Leite Santos and I am an iOS developer. Over the past 6 years I developed a wide range of applications, from productivity to enterprise ones, some of them being selected as App Store Editors' Choice; I’ve also built and maintained a couple server-side applications and helped with the user experience of most of the projects I’ve been involved.

I was an early adopter of Swift and many iOS 8–10 frameworks (including WatchKit, Core Spotlight, LocalAuthentication and most recently CallKit and SiriKit).

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I’m a self-taught programmer experienced with Objective-C, Swift, Javascript and project management and launch.


Gigster (Freelance), 2016–present

Gigster is a software development service, invite-only network of world-class developers, designers, and product managers.

Superfly, 2015–2016

Superfly is a group live-streaming iOS application. Among many other things, I built the group chatroom (from the interface to the messaging protocol). The app was featured as App Store Editors’ Choice.

Abacomm, 2013–2015

Abacomm is a Brazilian leader enterprise solutions company. There I built iOS apps for TIM, GSK, Avon and Fibria.


Kite (2017)

Kite is an application to read and discover email newsletters. I was the tech lead and built the iOS app and the API, dealing with data management, Google APIs for both ends, networking (including TLS), analytics, user experience and launch (Product Hunt).

mnder (2013 ✝)

mnder was an iOS app to create quick reminders. It featured a dark theme, custom notifications and iPad support. It was featured on iDownloadBlog and MacMagazine.